The Washington Post. Stop focusing on the «secrets» about trump and Russia. What we already know, pretty horrible.

Dossier on trump, is composed of ex-employee of British intelligence, and the declassified version of the report prepared by the Office of the Director of National intelligence, «very little is added to what is already known to us about the strange relationship of the tramp with Russia,» writes columnist for the Washington Post Anne Applebaum. The first — «tempting, but can’t be proven», the second «banal», she said. The author advises readers not to focus on «secrets» and «security officers», and to consider what is already known.

1. «Real estate Empire, trump depends on (though to what extent, we don’t know) of Russian money», — says the author. «In 2008, his son said that Russian investments «were the flow» in real estate the trump. Even before trump was a whole series of partners and investors associated with the post-Soviet oligarchs and even Russian organized crime,» the article says.

2. By Paul Manafort, who at one time headed the election headquarters trump, worked for many years in the interests of Pro-Russian President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. «Manafort liaises with the Pro-Russian groups in Ukraine. His name appeared in the list of those who took Yanukovych large sums of money,» writes Applebaum.

3. «Last summer, the staff of trump at the Congress (the Republican party) changed the platform of the party, in order to soften the language regarding the Ukraine», — stated in the article. Maybe trump or Manafort thus signaled that the trump on the side of Putin?

4. «Throughout the campaign, trump repeated the slogans and conspiracy theories — «Obama invented ISIL»»Hillary will start a Third world war» is borrowed from Russian propaganda site, Sputnik,» — said in the article.

5. «Trump is willing to create a risk of serious conflict with China, ruin U.S. relations with Mexico, to fend off the closest allies of America in Europe and to reduce the significance of NATO — our most important military Alliance. But he insisted many times that he admires Russia and its President,» recalls the journalist.

«For me it is quite sufficient kompromat,» she concludes.

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The Washington Post. Stop focusing on the «secrets» about trump and Russia. What we already know, pretty horrible. 16.01.2017

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