The Washington Post. Corruption, because of which in Ukraine in 2014, there was a revolution, not a thing of the past

Andrew brewer , a former top Manager, and now the official-reformer, receives $ 300 per month for the management of the Ministry of infrastructure, tells in a report from Kiev correspondent for The Washington Post Andrew Roth. According to Brewer, nearly 300 state-owned enterprises and the organizations subordinate to the Ministry, the source of income for corrupt businessmen associated with the Ukrainian Parliament. These people for months prevent the Brewer attempts to privatize the enterprise.

The newspaper commented: crony capitalism was one of the main reasons to overthrow the government of Yanukovych in 2014. Now, «after two years of Pro-Western, reformist government corruption again in Kiev provokes a political crisis. At stake billions of dollars, for the most part pumped from state-owned enterprises, and interests, which allegedly lead to the Ukrainian leadership, including in business circles close to President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, «writes Roth.

Brewer is one of the few Ministers-reformers who in February of this year has resigned. Earlier economy Minister Abromavicius said that close friend and ally of Poroshenko tried to force him to hire a Deputy for the management of «Naftogaz» and other companies.

Meanwhile in Ukraine the case goes to early elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the author of the article. Ordinary Ukrainians tired of the current situation.

For their part, Western governments want to continue the reforms, but warned that early elections would deepen the political crisis in Ukraine.

IMF chief Lagarde recently threatened to suspend financial assistance to Ukraine, «if there is no significant new attempts to force the reform of governance and to fight corruption».

An unnamed Western diplomat stated: on the other hand, the resignation of the government without the appointment of successors is also the risk of losing the IMF loan.

«Poroshenko’s critics say he led a double game echoed the indignant voters who are publicly demanding the resignation of Yatseniuk, but in the corridors broke the no confidence motion to the government in order to prevent a new election or the cessation of Western aid. The diplomat, referring to private communication channels, said he saw «clear signs that Poroshenko was not going to allow» the resignation of the government», — the newspaper writes.

However, Abromavicius believes that Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk have a chance to restore the credibility of the government.

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The Washington Post. Corruption, because of which in Ukraine in 2014, there was a revolution, not a thing of the past 29.02.2016

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