The Washington Post. Carl Bildt. The call of the European: don’t give in to Russia in relation to Ukrainian sanctions

«Coming from the administration trump signals about the future of sanctions against Russia do not differ crystal clear, to put it diplomatically, writes in The Washington Post Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, currently writing for this edition. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley made a clear statement on the issue of Crimea and its associated sanctions. It pleases. But the message of Washington, in relation to tougher sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with its failed attempt to undermine Ukraine by creating the separatist region, which ended in the formation of two pathetic nedogosudarstv in the East, in the Donbass, at best ambiguous».

«It’s been hinted that sanctions could be lifted in exchange for Russia’s cooperation in the fight against «Islamic state» in the middle East, reminds the author. — Russia says it is ready to go for it. (The same whether we with Moscow are aware of the fight against «Islamic state» — a separate issue: Aleppo should not be forgotten.) However, for the West to make any concessions to reward Russia for what she is willing to do in any case is hardly a sensible policy. It is not the art of the deal and the art of defeat.»

«It will not give any additional benefit in the fight against «Islamic state», however, will lead to the collapse of Ukrainian politics and the United States, and Ukraine. The Minsk agreement of intractable immediately turn into impossible, the conflict will become permanent, and we will see how the fighting of low intensity will turn into a cancer, eating away at security for large parts of Europe. This does not meet even the real interests of Russia,» — says Bildt.

Putin’s project in Ukraine failed, the article says. The result — about 10 thousand dead and, roughly, 3 million displaced persons.

«Putin does not want to lose face before the election next year. But I remain convinced, writes Swedish politician, that sooner or later the Kremlin will see the reasonableness of the introduction of an impartial peacekeeping force to ensure the implementation of the Minsk agreements».

«Sanctions in themselves are certainly not a viable strategy, but without them, our policy will not be workable, — the author continues. — «Sell» these sanctions for something in the middle East, what Russia intends to do, makes no sense.»

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The Washington Post. Carl Bildt. The call of the European: don’t give in to Russia in relation to Ukrainian sanctions 08.02.2017

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