The Wall Street Journal. «Sworn friends» of Ukrainian politicians seeking to avoid a split in the spirit of 2005

«Two of the most influential politician in Ukraine are «sworn friends». According to one of them, who gave an interview in Brussels this week, is a fragile relationship of friendship and enmity that affect the future of the state,» writes The Wall Street Journal.

«Removed from power for seven months, former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk was appointed as a sort of Ambassador to the West a man who sent in his resignation, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko,» — said the author of the article Lawrence Norman.

«My message to world leaders the next. Look, we are still doing our work, — said Yatsenyuk. — Guys, we understand that you have a lot of problems… But please don’t leave us.»

According to Yatsenyuk, on the part of Poroshenko it would be wise to exercise caution in relation to Trump, outlining the arguments of Ukraine against Russian interference and proposing options for cooperation. He believes that, in the end, trump grasps for himself the limited possibilities for cooperation with Putin.

«Russia and the United States were, are and will be opponents,» he said.

«Look, he’s a smart man — said Yatsenyuk Poroshenko. Sometimes… he behaves like a tank just goes forward. But we must always remember that there is a tank and anti-tank rocket».

«The difficult relations between Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk began the next day after the presidential bloc failed to secure a parliamentary majority in 2014», — the newspaper reminds.

Immediately began to draw Parallels with the failure of the Orange revolution in Ukraine for ten years prior to this, the article says.

Yatsenyuk noted that his Premiership when Poroshenko was «extremely difficult coexistence.» But he stressed that it lasted longer and was more productive than Yushchenko and Tymoshenko.

«I was most concerned about not to repeat the development of relations between Tymoshenko and Yushchenko, Yatseniuk said. — Because, as you know, one as a result come out a winner. The only winner was Yanukovych and Russian…».

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The Wall Street Journal. «Sworn friends» of Ukrainian politicians seeking to avoid a split in the spirit of 2005 30.11.2016

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