The victims of the earthquake in Taiwan already 94

The number of victims of a strong earthquake that occurred last week on the island of Taiwan, has reached, according to the latest data, 94 persons. Still 30 people unaccounted for, according to with reference to the portal Sina.

Six days after the earthquake the number of victims continues to grow. Earlier, the Japanese Agency Kiodo has reported 89 victims. These data were obtained after the morning of 12 February, the rescuers recovered 22 more bodies from the wreckage of a 17-storey residential complex «Waiguan».

Almost all the victims were residents of this particular building. On 10 February police arrested the developers of the building, which was suspected of negligence and embezzlement in the construction. Prosecutors have launched an investigation.

Quake of 6.4 magnitude occurred in the night of 6 February, as a result, were destroyed about a dozen buildings in different parts of the city. Among them was a 17-storey residential complex «Waiguan». The scene is a large-scale operation for clearing blockages, however, the chances of detection of survivors remains extremely small. The last living person able to retrieve from the rubble on Monday, 8 February.

By the authorities on February 15, after celebrating the New year on the lunar calendar, all government agencies on the island will people lower flags as a sign of mourning for the victims.

The victims of the earthquake in Taiwan already 94 12.02.2016

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