The version of blast on Board crashed near Sochi on Tu-154 is completely excluded – the Investigative Committee of Russia

Data expertise allow us to fully exclude the version of blast on Board crashed near Sochi in December 2016 Tu-154, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia.

«The investigation of the criminal case initiated on the fact of a plane crash December 25, 2016 of the Tu-154 at the airport of Sochi, continues in the established by the Russian legislation. Victims in the criminal case found 156 people. To date, work with more than 100 witnesses, including officers of the aerospace forces, as well as employees of JSC «international airport «Sochi» is responsible for preparing the aircraft for flight and air traffic control. With the participation of experts conducted a comprehensive Commission LETNO-technical judicial examination of the airplane,» the report says.

The obtained conclusions according to the results of the conducted 356 forensic, 23 molecular genetic, three explosion-technical and one phonoscopic examinations. Also completed forensic chemical investigation of combustive-lubricating materials.

«All objective data obtained allow to completely exclude the version of the explosion on Board the aircraft. With the victims in the crash were citizens of the established procedure of active interaction. The preliminary investigation on this criminal case is under the constant control of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation», – concluded the Agency.

The plane of the defense Ministry, Tu-154 crashed into the Black sea 25 Dec 2016. On Board were 92 people: the Russian military, the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble and the representatives of the Russian media. They flew on new year’s eve concert in Aleppo, Syria.

The Commission on investigation of causes of the disaster was initially inclined to the version of technical malfunction as one of the main causes of the crash. The next day after the incident, «Interfax» reported that the experts of the center Voyenno-air forces of the Ministry of defense of Russia believe the main version of the crash of Tu-154 the error of piloting.

Also voiced a version of that on Board the plane could be a terrorist attack, but sources close to the investigation team, said that it has not been confirmed.

The version of blast on Board crashed near Sochi on Tu-154 is completely excluded – the Investigative Committee of Russia 25.12.2017

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