The Verkhovna Rada called the fire Department

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the morning plenary session on Thursday, February 9, 2017, at the session hall felt a strong smell of burning. According to «UKRINFORM», the smell was felt on the 3rd floor in the press box.

The place was called by the duty workers of gschs, who are constantly in the Verkhovna Rada.

«Nothing showed up, just tightened ventilation», — said the officer.

After inspection of the premises workers of gschs left the scene. Now a smell of burning already heard, the situation is calm.

According to the head of Department on protection of state institutions of gschs in Kiev Nicholas Mateshko, the smell of burning in the building of the Verkhovna Rada pulled the hood from the street version of the ignition wiring is not true. «Most likely, it pulled the hood from the outside of the building where work was carried out. The building is extremely not anything happened. My employees are in place, where the session, on the third floor», — he declared on air of TV channel «112».

The representative of the SSES also said that the risk of evacuation no.

«At first it was not there. Now and no burning smell,» added Mateshko.

As previously reported, today in the plenary hall also was a fight with participation of people’s deputies Sergey Leshchenko and Ivan Melnychuk (both are PPB). Leshchenko struck a colleague in the face, and he ripped off his jacket sleeve.

The Verkhovna Rada called the fire Department 09.02.2017

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