The Venezuelan President chose a successor in the event of his retirement

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has appointed 42-year-old Governor of the state of Aragua Tarek El-Aissami new Executive Vice President. The head of state said Wednesday at a government meeting broadcast by the TV station TeleSUR. In addition, the appointed 15 new Ministers.

«I have appointed Executive Vice President Tarek al-Aissami with his youth, his experience, his responsibility and his courage,» said Maduro.

Under the Venezuelan Constitution, in case of early resignation of the President, which sought by the opposition, that the Executive Vice President will become the head of state until the next election, that is, within the next two years, notes TASS.

Maduro on Wednesday also announced a number of changes in the Cabinet. In particular, the head of state decided to merge several departments in the Ministry of economy and Finance, which will be headed by MP from the state of Merida, an Economics Professor Ramon Lobo. In addition, the oil Minister instead , Eulochio del Pino is assigned to Nelson Martinez, who previously worked as a top Manager of state-owned energy companies.

At the head of the Ministry of education will be the Deputy Elias jaua, he was appointed Vice-President in the fulfillment of socialist tasks. Adan Chavez Frias, the brother of former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez will become the Minister of culture, and , Pbel ROA — Minister of science and technology. The Ministry of labour headed by Francisco Torrealba, and the Ministry of health — Caporales Antonieta Zamora. Minister of urban and agriculture appointed Eric Faria, Minister of ecosocialism and water resources — Colonel of the air force of Venezuela Ramon Celestino Velasquez, Minister of public works — Admiral césar Alberto Salazar Since.

In turn, the former defense Minister Carmen Melendez will be the Vice-President for political independence, security and peace. Have aristóbulo Isturiz also Almeida, who until now held the post of Executive Vice President of Venezuela, headed by the Ministry of communes and social movements. He was also appointed Vice-President for development of territorial socialism.

We will remind, in October, numerous anti-government protests in the cities of Venezuela escalated into clashes of protesters with the security forces.

The Venezuelan national Assembly voted for the decision on the beginning of procedure of impeachment Maduro.

A few days before the Venezuelan Parliament called the actions of Maduro’s coup due to the fact that he has blocked off its own referendum on impeachment.

Since mid-January in Venezuela, operates an emergency economic situation, which reduced the working day for civil servants, as well as large shopping centres.

According to the IMF, in 2016 inflation in Venezuela will reach 720%. In 2015, the country recorded inflation of 275%.

In early June, in Venezuela food riots began.

The Venezuelan President chose a successor in the event of his retirement 05.01.2017

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