The Vatican recognized Palestine as a sovereign state

Entered into force an agreement in which the Vatican recognized Palestine as a separate state. About it in the Vatican said on Saturday, January 2, writes Deutsche Welle.

The corresponding document was signed at the end of June 2015. According to the Vatican, this agreement regulates the status of the Catholic Church in Palestine, which appears in the text as the «state of Palestine». The document also expressed «support for the peace negotiations to resolve the situation in the region.»

The deal, which is the result of six years of negotiations between the Roman Catholic Church and representatives of the Palestinian authority, criticized in Jerusalem. Israel described it as a hasty, one-sided and that does not take into account «the unique historical status of the Jewish people and Jerusalem.»

The Vatican has declared Palestine as a state a year and a half ago during the visit of the Pope to the Holy Land. In may last year, Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited the Pope. Then Francis called him «the angel of peace.»

Now Palestine as a sovereign state recognized by more than 130 countries in the world.

Earlier, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution allowing Palestine to raise their flag at the headquarters of the United Nations. The resolution was adopted with 119 votes «For». Eight countries voted against — including Israel and the United States, 45 States abstained.

The document specifies that the flags outside the UN observer States to the world organization «should be raised at the headquarters and offices of the United Nations after the flags of member States of the UN.»

The Vatican recognized Palestine as a sovereign state 03.01.2016

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