The US state Department encouraged the move to a permanent truce in Syria. EU demands for a cease-fire in Aleppo

USA support any humanitarian efforts in Syria, but I think it is important to move forward in Syria, further than a temporary and local truce, said on Thursday state Department spokesman John Kirby. So the state Department commented on the initiative of Russia to declare in Aleppo 48-hour humanitarian truce. States are looking for long-term response, said the diplomats, writes

«We will support any reduction in the level of violence. We will welcome any efforts that will save more people from suffering» — quoted by Kirby «Interfax».

At the same time, Kirby said that Washington believes is necessary to ensure a stable ceasefire in all Syria.

«I must say: we really believe it’s important to get away from the temporary, ephemeral and localized modes ceasefire We (the US) won’t turn our noses up sincere efforts to stop the bombing, even if only for 48 hours… But it’s not a long term answer, and that’s not what we achieve in this sphere», — said the American diplomat.

As RIA «Novosti», the representative of state Department has underlined the importance of the work of Russian and American experts on «the development of the agreement concerning the technical aspects of these proposals.» According to him, this applies to «voluntary approach to the full implementation of the agreements that can lead to the spread of the truce in the whole country.»

The defense Ministry earlier on Thursday said it is ready next week to introduce the first 48-hour «humanitarian pause» in Aleppo.

«We are ready to introduce the first 48-hour «humanitarian pause» for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the residents of Aleppo as a «pilot project» to confirm the safe delivery of cargo to the civilian population of the city as soon as next week,» — said the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov.

The European Union calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities in the Syrian city of Aleppo to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance. This is stated in the Declaration, high representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini, says UKRINFORM.

«All parties to the conflict must restore the cessation of hostilities, to ensure the lifting of all sieges and allow a sustained humanitarian access to all in need», — stated in the message.

The EU strongly condemns the escalation of violence in Aleppo, and also emphasize that once reached a ceasefire, the States members of the unit will be able to provide immediate support to the restoration of water supply and electricity in Syria, and will promote the return of refugees and internally displaced persons into their communities.

As you know, the tension between government forces and rebels in recent weeks in Aleppo deteriorated, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

Earlier it was reported that the Syrian forces of Assad regime and the rebels gather reinforcements to Aleppo, ready for a decisive struggle for control of the second largest city in the country. The struggle for the former economic centre of Syria intensified after opposition forces at the weekend broke the government siege of the city in the East.

The US state Department encouraged the move to a permanent truce in Syria. EU demands for a cease-fire in Aleppo 19.08.2016

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