The US launched a massive campaign to impeach trump. In the world held women’s marches against him

The number of NGOs has initiated collection of signatures under the petition for the impeachment of Donald trump. As they say in the message published on the website of the campaign Impeach Trump Now January 20, the reason for the action — the conflict of interests of the head of the White house in connection with his business. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

In the world held women’s marches against rhetoric trump

Campaign for the removal of tramp from the government, organized by two American non-profit non-partisan organization Free Speech for People and RootsAction. They argue that because of the conflict of interests of the President of the United States, there is a danger that Washington will make decisions that are disadvantageous for the country.

At the same time the petition for the impeachment of trump, pointing to its «homophobia, racism, xenophobia and sexism», launched on the website As of 21 January, she has gained nearly 86 thousand signatures.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, among others against trump’s acts and the human rights organization «the American Union of protection of civil liberties» (ACLU). According to its head , Anthony Romero, the ACLU is already preparing numerous lawsuits.

In the world held women’s marches against rhetoric trump

Minimum 673 «nursing March» held Saturday around the world in disagreement with the rhetoric of contention for the new US President Donald trump.

As CNN reports, the first people marches held in Australia – in particular, up to 5 thousand people gathered to protest in Sydney. They shouted slogans like «When women are together, they are not overcome,» «where the rights of women are experiencing shock, it is necessary to stand up and fight back.» Some had posters with the words «Girl Power or the Trump Tower» and «Dump the Trump.»

About 700 people protested against trump in Wellington, capital of New Zealand.

To women’s marches have also joined the countries of Africa, in particular, reported about the campaign in Kenya and South Africa.

Women’s marches are also held in several European cities.

According to The Telegraph, in Britain, women’s marches are held in 14 cities.

In London, where protesters plan must pass from US Embassy to Trafalgar square. to participate in the campaign volunteered 10 thousand people, but the organizers claim at least 80 thousand people. Participants hold placards with slogans «No to racism, no to Trump! «Build bridges, not walls».

In Germany, according to Deutsche Welle, in advance of the planned seven sister Marsha. In particular, protests in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Bonn.

According to police estimates, marched in Frankfurt took part more than 2 thousand people. People took to the streets under different banners – who opposes discrimination against someone for freedom of speech.

The actions took place or are taking place in other European cities – Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome, Belgrade, etc.

The most massive women’s March in Washington is expected to almost 225 thousand people as of Friday, agreed to take part in it. To the female marches back in November called the lawyer Teresa SHUK, who after retirement lives in Hawaii.

Women’s March in Washington was supported by dozens of progressive organizations from those that protect civil rights, immigrants, Muslims, feminists, pacifists, LGBT communities, environmental campaigners and the like.

Initiative Pussyhat Project also provides that the part of the protesters will be dressed in a knitted pink beanie with cat ears. The term pussy is used to refer to a pet or in the vulgar meaning women. That second value Donald trump used this word on the scandalous recordings, caused outrage during the election campaign.

In General, the US is expected to about 300 «sister Marsha».

As reported, January 20, trump took the oath of President in Washington and officially became President of the United States.

After the swearing in of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump the White house has published the program of the new administration. According to the document, the priority of the new U.S. administration will be the destruction of the terrorist group «Islamic state» and this will require coalition action.

The United States also to develop a modern missile defense system to protect against missile threats from Iran and North Korea.

However, it is noted that the new US President intends to end the downsizing of the armed forces of the United States.

The new administration confirmed the seriousness of the threats to the cybersecurity of the country.

The US launched a massive campaign to impeach trump. In the world held women’s marches against him 21.01.2017

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