The US and Russia agreed on the beginning of the truce in Syria on February 27. Jihadists not applicable

United States of America and the Russian Federation reached agreement on the beginning of truce in Syria on February 27.

It is reported BBC with reference to the al-Jazeera TV channel, transfers «UKRINFORM».

According to the agreement on the truce in Syria, Russia and Assad’s forces must stop bombing rebel positions
Putin: until 12:00 on February 26, all the warring parties in Syria should reaffirm commitment to ceasefire

«The ceasefire in Syria, agreed by Russia and the United States, should enter into force at midnight on 27 February,» the statement reads.

The agreement was the result of negotiations between US Secretary of state John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrovthat took place over the weekend. According to the news Agency Reuters, the ceasefire agreement will not apply to the terrorist group «Islamic state» and «Frente al-Nusra».

As follows from the statements of Kerry, which was published on Monday February 22, the State Department, the American side is satisfied with the achieved agreements on truce in Syria, and intends to trace the process of implementation of the agreement to provide a guarantee for the fulfilment of all its provisions.

«I’m glad to see it reached today a final agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria (February 27), calling on all parties to accept and fully comply with its conditions», — said the head of the state Department.

He stressed that in the case of implementation and compliance of these conditions will be able to stop fighting, to reduce the level of violence in the region, to empower the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the surrounded areas. In addition, according to Kerry, agreed to support the political transition in the country from the government, which will respond to the wish of the Syrian people.

«Today’s agreement is the result of true diplomacy of many countries and groups,» — said the representative of the USA thanked all the participants for their efforts.

In the next few days, Kerry continued, the work will be focused on in order to meet the obligations of the key parties, as well as to work out the modality of monitoring and enforcement of compliance.

In this regard, the head of U.S. diplomacy promised to «closely monitor» further developments to ensure that implementation of the agreements in achieving goals. He clarified that the issue is primarily about «ending the violence and providing space and opportunities for political transition agreed under the Geneva communiqué of 2012, which unites all Syrians that refute the dictatorship and terrorism and want to build a new future for their country».

Earlier, on 21 February, U.S. Secretary of state Kerry stated that without the settlement of the conflict between Damascus and the opposition threatened the very existence of the Syrian state. «A political solution is better than the futile attempts to find a military solution. War can lead to new refugees, new extremists, destruction and perhaps even to the complete destruction of Syria itself,» he said.

While Kerry reiterated that he sees no possibility of resolving the conflict while maintaining power in Syria in the hands of President Bashar al-Assad. He also noted that alliances with Damascus will not allow to find a solution to the Syrian conflict: «you Have to understand that any military Alliance with Assad will not end the civil war.»

Recall, peace talks on Syria resume in Geneva on 25 February, as previously planned, after Turkey stepped up its cross-border attacks of the territory, where mainly inhabited by Kurdish rebels.

February 12, during the negotiations of the contact group on Syria to the Munich agreement had been reached on the cessation of hostilities in the country within a week, but a real ceasefire not happened.

Previously members of the UN Security Council did not reach agreement on the draft Russian resolution, which contains the requirement to stop actions that undermine the sovereignty of Syria.

According to the agreement on the truce in Syria, Russia and Assad’s forces must stop bombing rebel positions

United States of America and the Russian Federation issued a joint statement on the ceasefire in Syria. The statement, which establishes relevant conditions posted on the website of the U.S. State Department on Monday, February 22.

According to him, the ceasefire in Syria should begin on Saturday, February 27, according to DW.

«With the exception of certain UN security Council terrorist organizations, all armed groups, who have the desire to join the peace process, have until 12:00 local time on February 26 to file the appropriate appeal to the representatives of the United States or Russia. The statement mentions two of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» and «Frente al-Nusra», — stated in the publication.

The statement provides that both the rebels and Bashar Assad’s troops and other units that support them, should declare its readiness to participate in peace negotiations, to give up trying to capture their control of territory, not to interfere with humanitarian missions and to renounce the use of weapons except for self-defence.

It is also noted that the air force Russia and Syria must stop bombing rebel positions.

As reported, intense fighting in the Syrian province of Aleppo have forced nearly 50 thousand local residents to flee their homes. As noted in the report on the website of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC), the humanitarian situation in the region is deteriorating rapidly — reduced food supply, there are problems with water supply, there is a shortage of fuel and electricity.

10 at a meeting of the UN Security Council by France, Britain and their allies called on Russia to stop air strikes on the Syrian province of Aleppo. On the eve of the bombers of the Military space forces (VKS) Russia attacked two villages in the tel-Rifat in the North Syrian province of Aleppo. 15 people died, 22 were injured. The bombing was subjected to the village of Kafr Kafr Kalbin and under the control of antisodomy moderate opposition.

According to a report by Human rights organization Human Rights Watch, during the last military operations against the Syrian opposition carried out by the army Bashar al-Assad and Russia, massively used prohibited cluster munitions. So, according to the organization, from 14 strikes using cluster bombs in five Syrian provinces on 26 January killed at least 37 civilians, including six women and nine children, and dozens of others were injured.

At the end of 2015 the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights published a report which says that in Syria since the beginning of military operation of the Russian VC were killed about 800 civilians.

Putin: until 12:00 on February 26, all the warring parties in Syria should reaffirm commitment to ceasefire

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the terms on which, at midnight on 27 February in Syria must stop fighting.

«Until noon on February 26, all the warring parties in Syria must confirm to us or to the American partners of its commitment to the ceasefire,» — said Putin, whose statement was broadcast by Russian TV on Monday 22 February, reports .

According to Putin, «Russian and American military jointly, the maps will identify areas in which there are such groups».

«Military operations against them by the armed forces of the SAR, the Russian armed forces and the US-led coalition will not be conducted», — said Putin.

He stressed that «the opposition, in turn, would stop fighting against the armed forces of Syria and the factions that support them».

«With regard to «ISIS», «Dzhabhat-EN-Nusra» and other terrorist organizations recognized as such under the UN security Council, they cease fighting completely eliminated. The impacts on them will be applied and further», — said Putin.

Putin also said that the agreements achieved between the U.S. and Russia agreed on a ceasefire in Syria needs to open access for humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people: «the result should be facilitated humanitarian access to all needy Syrian citizens».

The US and Russia agreed on the beginning of the truce in Syria on February 27. Jihadists not applicable 23.02.2016

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