The United States will increase the cost of fighting ISIS up to $ 7 billion

The U.S. government is going to increase the funding of the campaign against the terrorist group «Islamic state» in 2017. As reported Reuters, citing anonymous U.S. officials, the administration of Barack Obama will ask Congress to increase spending on the fight against terrorists to seven billion dollars, writes

Thus, according to Agency sources, this amount will be 35% more than was required last year for the same purpose. Just a project of the U.S. defense budget for 2017 provides about 583 billion dollars. Acting the US defense budget for 2016 is 607 billion.

The U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter is going to speak to members of the economic club in Washington on 2 February. In his address, he will talk about the Pentagon’s plans to combat ISIS, and the need for military advantage of the US over China and Russia. A separate part of speech can Carter to devote the military conflict in Ukraine. Carter also will tell about plans for service with the United States and enhancing cybersecurity.

I should add that the budget request of the Pentagon for 2017 includes means for sending from three to five thousand American soldiers to Europe as part of the greater military forces of the United States, notes the official publication of the U.S. Department of defense Stars and Stripes. Also in Europe going to move tanks, trucks and artillery.

The Pentagon plans to spend on the deployment of power in Europe 3.4 billion dollars, which is about four times more than the corresponding expenditure of the Ministry of defence in 2016, when it allocated $ 780 million.

According to officials, increased funding for the army in Europe is intended to demonstrate the U.S. commitment to its NATO partners. It is part of a strategy to refocus on a more unstable situation in the world.

Earlier, Carter declared that the United States will constantly increase the intensity of the action against terrorists «Islamic state» in Syria and Iraq.

The United States will increase the cost of fighting ISIS up to $ 7 billion 02.02.2016

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