The United States is developing a nuclear warhead to deter Russia in Eastern Europe – The Guardian

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump plans to soften restrictions on the use of nuclear weapons and to develop a lightweight nuclear warhead for ballistic missiles Trident, The Guardian reports.

As told the publication former adviser to US President Barack Obama on non-proliferation of weapons of John Wolfstal, the new doctrine prepared by the Pentagon, nuclear warheads are going to use for the deterrence of Russia in the event of a conflict in Eastern Europe.

The Guardian calls the new US policy in the sphere of nuclear weapons «significantly more aggressive» than the position taken by the Obama administration, trying to reduce the share of nuclear weapons in the defense system of the United States.

The doctrine of Washington to use nuclear weapons will be revised for the first time in eight years. It is expected to be released in late January, after the annual traditional speech trump to the nation.

Wolfstal acquainted with the latest version of the document. According to him, it says that the USA in the framework of the new strategy will use to deter cruise missiles, sea-based, to counteract the placement of Russian missiles land type. «The people who wrote it, told me that their goal is to send Russia, North Korea and China are a clear deterrent message,» said Wolfsthal.

He added that the document «provides a good, moderate, but a clear warning that any attempt by Russia or North Korea to use nuclear weapons will lead to very serious consequences.»

According to The Guardian, the new doctrine is based on the assumption that in any conflict between Russia and NATO in Eastern Europe, Moscow immediately uses a weapon to «compensate for the relative weakness in the area of traditional weapons». According to American strategists, Russia is betting on «the reluctance of the US to use large warheads on existing launchers».

As stated by the head of the Association for arms control Daryl Kimball, the new strategy represents «dangerous thinking in the spirit of the cold war.» He noted that the United States already have a variety of nuclear capabilities, there is no evidence that new weapons will help deter opponents.

In December 2016, trump said that the United States should substantially strengthen and expand its nuclear capability while the world comes to its senses in their attitude to nuclear bombs.

The United States is developing a nuclear warhead to deter Russia in Eastern Europe – The Guardian 10.01.2018

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