The United States expanded sanctions against Venezuela

The US Treasury Department added to the sanctions list of the top 10 Venezuelan citizens. Among them – the Ministers of culture and agriculture of the country, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Italy and other officials. On this November 11 reported on the website of the American Department.

The restrictive measures «associated with the undermining of the electoral process, censorship in the media and corruption in the public food programs.» The US authorities noted that the October 15 gubernatorial elections in the country have been «numerous violations», which helped defeat the ruling party.

According to the head of the Ministry of Steven Mnuchin, «the regime of President Nicolas Maduro continues to destroy the democratic order.»

The assets of Venezuelan officials under U.S. jurisdiction will be frozen and American citizens will be prohibited to perform transactions with them.

In early April, in Venezuela, began anti-government demonstrations. In may, the protests intensified after President Maduro decided to convene a constitutional Assembly to change the Constitution.

In August, the newly elected Assembly had terminated the powers of the Parliament of Venezuela. The opposition said that the way Maduro usurping power. During the protests in the country killed more than 100 people.

On 25 August the President of the United States Donald trump signed the order to impose new financial sanctions «against the dictatorship in Venezuela.»

Maduro said that the new sanctions are intended to push the country to default.

On 23 September Canada imposed restrictive measures against 40 Venezuelan officials, including the President of the country.

The United States expanded sanctions against Venezuela 10.11.2017

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