The United States can give Ukraine more than 660 million dollars

In the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress appeared a bill for appropriation to the Department of State, foreign operations and related programs for fiscal year 2017, and for other purposes», which provides assistance to Ukraine in the amount of additional 663,465 million dollars a year.

About it reports «UKRINFORM».

«From the funds provided by this act, not less than 337,857 million dollars shall be available for assistance to Ukraine», — stated in section 7069 of the bill.

This indicates that in addition to this amount as support is also highlighted 325,608 million dollars including through loan guarantees. However, it is noted that the funding will be allocated subject to the «prior consultation with the appropriate committees of Congress, as well as compliance with the usual procedures of informing the committees on appropriations».

In addition, the text of the document says that no budget funds the United States can not be provided to the government of any former Soviet countries that supported the Russian annexation of Crimea, as well as funding events or programs that recognize the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over the Ukrainian Peninsula.

While prescribed activities for the US administration, aimed at orienting the international financial institutions to vote against any forms of support to countries, including loans, credits, guarantees, and which violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

These conditions remain in force, until Ukraine will restore its sovereignty over Crimea, there is in the bill.

Earlier it was reported that the Upper house of the U.S. Congress on 15 June passed a bill that defines the Pentagon’s budget for the 2017 fiscal year. In the text of the document provides financial support for defense of Ukraine in the amount of up to $ 500 million.

The United States can give Ukraine more than 660 million dollars 25.06.2016

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