The United States agree that Russia should speak from a position of strength — Stoltenberg

The new US administration agrees with the common position of NATO about the need for dialogue with Russia from a position of strength. About this 31 January 2017, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference in Brussels, reports the official site of the Alliance.

According to Stoltenberg, in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Donald trump and Minister of defense James Mattis , the parties stated that the United States remains committed to NATO and transatlantic relations.

«We don’t want confrontation, we do not want a new cold war, so we keep open the channels for political dialogue with Russia. A message from the new U.S. administration is that they want dialogue with Russia, but from a position of strength and I think this is exactly the same message that we pass on from all of the Alliance and what was agreed in Warsaw at the summit, that we need a strong defense, but also the political dialogue with Russia», — said Stoltenberg.

He noted that the United States reaffirm their commitment to the agreements NATO increasing its military presence in Europe.

Recall that during his election campaign trump criticized the North Atlantic Alliance, including in respect of allegedly inadequate funding by the European allies in the area of defence.

Trump called NATO an outdated organization that is not adequately dealing with the problem of terrorism.

At the same time, his predecessor Barack Obama in the last days of his presidency, made efforts to reassure allies of the statements that the President-elect will work in partnership with the world, including with NATO countries, but European officials have expressed concern because of the risk of new invasions of Russia in Syria and Ukraine, to which it may resort, taking advantage of a temporary foreign political uncertainty trump.

The United States agree that Russia should speak from a position of strength — Stoltenberg 31.01.2017

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