The unemployment rate in the Eurozone fell to a seven-year low

Two consecutive months in October and November of 2016, the unemployment rate in the Eurozone remained low over the past seven years mark. According to him, the European statistical Agency Eurostat, the unemployment rate on average across all the Eurozone countries in the period amounted to 9.8 percent. This is the lowest level since July 2009, reports Deutsche Welle, citing dpa.

At the same time, Eurostat notes that the difference in performance of the individual 19 countries of the European monetary Union remains significant. Germany in November last year, in accordance with European standards shortchanged figure 4.1 percentage of unemployed in the country, which was the lowest rate in the Eurozone. The highest rate of unemployment in Greece, which in September last year, it was 23.1 percent.

Despite the overall decline, unemployment is increasing in Estonia, Italy and Cyprus.

In the European Union as a whole, the unemployment rate also dropped to 8.3 percent. This was the lowest since February 2009, adds Eurostat. According to him, the EU does not have the work of 20.4 million people.

Recall that in Ukraine for one vacancy claim 9.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that in the occupied Donbas, the unemployment rate reaches 80%.

The IMF predicts a gradual decrease of inflation and unemployment in Ukraine.

The unemployment rate in the Eurozone fell to a seven-year low 10.01.2017

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