The underground clashed with the feds in Nazran, four dead

On the territory of the city of Nazran (Ingushetia, Russia) 06.30 am in Kiev Thursday, November 24, 2014, the Russian authorities introduced a state of WHO.

The special operation began after receiving information about staying in the city’s local anti-Russian armed fighters of the Islamic resistance movement. The feds blocked a private house in Nazran. Were in the house the two men refused to surrender and were killed in the shootout,

The operation took one and a half kilometers from the high school No. 5.

Abdieva street, where he blocked a private house, located on the South-Western outskirts of the city.

According to the official statement of the Information center of the NAC of Russia, government forces killed two members of the special forces of the FSB, and block houses were few on the streets Abdieva and Aliyev. Also, there are edited
a video of the Russians of today’s clash.

There is information that only the siege had taken six.

Victims among the civilian population there.

In the two previous WHO in Nazran was killed at least six suspected insurgents.

Today’s special operation in Nazran, in which introduced the CTO regime, already the third this year.

The majority of the clashes are now fixed in
Dagestan Republic.

The underground clashed with the feds in Nazran, four dead 25.11.2016

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