The UN suspended negotiations in Geneva on the peaceful settlement in Syria

Soon after the beginning of negotiations for a peaceful settlement in Syria, which are under the auspices of the United Nations in Geneva, special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Stefan de Mistura, announced the suspension of the process. However, he stressed that the negotiations had not failed, and are «on pause» until February 25, reports Yahoo News, citing AFP news Agency.

The Russian foreign Ministry suspect a deliberate attempt of disruption of negotiations

De Mistura noted that the negotiation process needs immediate support from international powers, particularly Russia and the USA, writes

«I came to the conclusion that after the first week of negotiations appeared even more work, and not only for us, but for interested parties,» he said.

The UN representative recalled that from the first day insisted that there will be «talk for the sake of conversation».

The envoy also assured that it was «not the end and not the failure of the talks». Meanwhile, as reported by Reuters, the head of the delegation of the Syrian government in Geneva , Bashar al Jaafari said that the UN special envoy de Mistura has suspended talks because of the desire of the opposition to leave them.

Speaking about the return of the government delegation to Geneva on 25 February, Jaafari said that the decision on this issue can be accepted after «discuss» with the special envoy of the UN, journalists.

De Mistura, in turn, has already announced that he went to London, where on 4 February will take place the conference on humanitarian support to the Syrian people.

Even on the morning of Wednesday, 3 February, the media reported that the discussion process in Geneva still has not been started. The opposition delegation said that the air strikes the Air-space forces of Russia in Syria could undermine the efforts of the international community to resolve the Syrian conflict. This was stated by the representative of the Higher Committee on negotiations (WCP) formed the opposition in the Saudi capital, Salim al-Muslat.

The talks, the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Stefan de Mistura tried unsuccessfully to run from the end of January, on Tuesday again failed to gain momentum, reported the Agency TASS. Divergent positions of the parties did not move in the direction of compromise one iota, mentioned by the reporters.

On the eve of the two scheduled meetings were held, only one with government representatives. The delegation of the CPSU did not appear at the Palais des Nations. In turn, the head of the Damascus delegation of the permanent representative at the UN Bashar ja’afari stated that declared on Monday, 1 February, de Mistura the official start of inter-Syrian consultations was his «personal assessment», and the discussion is still at the preparatory stage.

Jaafari told reporters that, like two years ago, during the time ended with the failure of the conference «Geneva-2», the delegates of Damascus considered important the issue of combating terrorism. He noted that so far not presented the list of the delegation from the opposition.

In turn, the delegation of the CPSU stated that before the start of negotiations is to implement the provisions of UN security Council resolution 2254. First of all, the opposition needs to solve three main issues — to provide access to the besieged city, to stop attacks on civilians and the release from prison of women and children.

The representative of the CPSU Salim al-Moslet has accused Russia of attempt of failure of negotiations. The bombing of the Russian space forces in Syria could undermine efforts to settle the Syrian conflict, he said. According to al-Muslat, February 1, in Syria there is mass murder, but «no one is doing anything».

«No one says anything, and the world community is just blind» — he said to journalists, commenting on the message of the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights.

The Russian foreign Ministry suspect a deliberate attempt of disruption of negotiations

Meanwhile, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Gennady Gatilov, who from 1 February in Geneva, warned that linking start of Syrian peace talks with Damascus fulfillment of several requirements can mean an attempt to block the process.

The diplomat touched upon the opposition’s demands and said, «No way this is not stipulated by the UN resolution. Therefore, attempts to link evidence on the non-constructive position and may even have any intentions to block the start of negotiations».

The Gatilov, quoted by Interfax, said: «do Not get hung up on strict deadlines. If it will take more than half a year, but the process will go, it is not necessary to refuse it».

In VKP in connection with the mismatch of the positions of all parties still don’t build any definite plans about the continued meetings. The official representative of the CPSU Salim al-Muslat suggested in an interview with TASS that, perhaps, Tuesday, February 3, the delegation will go to the meeting with de Mistura.

Envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura, informing about the negotiation process, told Swiss TV channel RTS that in the event of his failure to Syria «no more hope». However, he said that he expects Wednesday to hold meetings with both Syrian delegations and looked forward to practical results.

The talks on Syria started in Geneva on January 29. The delegation of the Syrian opposition arrived in Switzerland on Saturday, 30 January. The Syrian government is the Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari. The delegation is headed by opposition leader of the negotiation group, Asaad al-Zoubi. The common position and the composition of negotiators from the opposition is not finally approved.

According to the newspaper The Financial Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin interfere to resolve the Syrian conflict since last week amid efforts of the United Nations organization talks in Geneva, Russian VKS «destroyed almost to the base of Sheikh Miskin, killing hundreds of civilians, in addition to the fighters, the insurgents».

According to the newspaper, also made it difficult to resolve the conflict in Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Iranian Islamic revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah. There are serious questions about the role of rebels-Islamists — for example, the organization «Jaish al-Islam», supported by Saudi Arabia, and «Ahrar al-sham», which stands for Turkey.

«Moscow, Damascus and Tehran have referred to them as wolves who have worn sheep’s clothing to enlist the support of the West,» says the article, which quoted InoPressa.

But if Moscow and the regime of Assad will not get away «with this bloody way» in Syria does not have a single «in wolves» that will appear on the hand of IG.

According to the author, the West for the success of the negotiations should not be intimidated by the insurgents, forcing them to come to Geneva and to support their claim — a call for Russia and the regime to end bomb attacks on the Syrian people.

The UN suspended negotiations in Geneva on the peaceful settlement in Syria 04.02.2016

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