The UN has accused the Syrian government to use chemical weapons. The white house wants to punish the guilty

The UN has accused the Syrian government to use chemical weapons. Soon after a data breach report by Reuters the US White house urged to punish Syria, speaking «with one voice» against such crimes. The report will be discussed in the UN security Council, where Russia has veto power.

Report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria was jointly prepared by the UN mission and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). The UN experts checked the information and tried to establish those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in nine episodes, previously noted by experts of the OPCW. In six cases, the UN failed to identify the party who used chemical weapons — however, it is noted that in three of them the investigation will continue. On two occasions, UN experts accused government forces, and in another — terrorists «Islamic state».

Experts organizations have established that Syrian air force helicopters dropped containers with chlorine on the locality Talmanes April 21, 2014 and the city of Sarmin in 16 March 2015. IG confirmed by UN experts, the incident used mustard gas — mustard gas.

Reuters notes that next week the report should lie on the desks of members of the UN security Council and, most likely, is traditionally shared by the Council, where veto-wielding Russia and China oppose sanctions against the Syrian authorities. At the same time in 2013, the Syrian government agreed to destroy all stockpiles of chemical weapons according to the results of difficult negotiations involving the United States and Russia, which was presented as a major success of world diplomacy. Then the transaction was accompanied by the UN resolution, a separate paragraph which provided for the imposition of sanctions in case of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement.

Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, adopted in April 1997, prohibited the production, stockpiling and use of chlorine. Syria joined the agreement in autumn 2013.

The report will be presented to the UN Security Council next week. UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon said that the results of the report will be published after discussion in the security Council — probably it will happen during the meeting on August 30.

The American administration plans to achieve through the UN Security Council and the OPCW punish the Syrian authorities for use in an internal armed conflict chlorine as a toxic substance. This was announced on Wednesday the official representative of national security Council the White house , Ned Price.

As stated in the circulated written statement, «it is now impossible to deny that the Syrian regime has repeatedly used industrial chlorine as a weapon against its own people in violation of the Convention… the United States will work with its international partners to achieve justice through the proper diplomatic arrangements… We call on all countries — UN members and parties to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, including Russia and Iran, to participate in such efforts.» (Quoted by TASS.)

Price described the investigation, covering 2014-2015, as an «independent and neutral». The representative of the NSS reminded that Syria in 2013 agreed to the destruction of its Arsenal of chemical warfare agents and acceded to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons. Chlorine can be applied to «peaceful and legitimate» manner, but the aforesaid Convention prohibits the use of this substance as a weapon,» stated Price.

As for the «Islamic state», the Price promised that the US will continue to hunt for Islamists who «has knowledge about these weapons,» and to strike those materials in the hands of ISIS, which can be used for the production of toxic substances.

The UN has accused the Syrian government to use chemical weapons. The white house wants to punish the guilty 25.08.2016

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