The UN delivered humanitarian assistance in five of the besieged cities in Syria

White UN trucks with humanitarian aid freely drove in five cities under siege in Syria, said on February 17, 2016 humanitarian coordinator Yacoub El-Hillo. This is reported with reference to Reuters.

In the delivery of aid was attended by about hundreds of trucks. The United Nations estimates that, thanks to 100 thousand people will get food, medicines and hygiene items.

Earlier, the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Stefan de Mistura said that the delivery of food and basic necessities into the besieged city is a UN for «test on the ability to deliver humanitarian assistance.» For the parties to the conflict is also a «test» which is intended to show how much they are willing to facilitate the unimpeded delivery of aid, the decision about which was accepted in Munich on 11 February, an International group supporting Syria (MGPS).

The UN envoy said that «more than 400 thousand Syrians living in areas besieged by the government, the opposition and ISIS.

According to him, made on February 17, the transport operation is the first step to «full, sustained and unhindered access throughout the country, as required by the resolutions of the UN Security Council, decisions MGPS and international humanitarian law».

Recall, the most critical situation is in blocked units of Bashar al-Assad the Syrian city of Aleppo.

In addition, the city is subject to regular missile and bomb strikes Military space forces (VKS) Russia.

In addition, detachments of asadito with the support of the Russians blocked a humanitarian corridor from Aleppo to Turkey, which has previously been evacuated of civilians.

The UN delivered humanitarian assistance in five of the besieged cities in Syria 18.02.2016

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