The Ukrainians refused to be evacuated from Syrian Aleppo

Citizens of Ukraine refused to be evacuated from Aleppo (Syria), near which are the fighting between the rebels and Syrian government forces, supported by Russian military aircraft.

On Friday 12 February, said the chargé d’affaires of Ukraine in Syria Vladimir Digora.

«According to our information, all citizens of Ukraine in Aleppo, living in government-controlled Syrian territories, from the evacuation of refuse. Keep the contact,» he wrote on Twitter.

Note, in Aleppo city live 11 citizens of Ukraine.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine once again urges the Ukrainian citizens to refrain from traveling to Syria until the situation stabilizes security, and those who are still in this country, immediately leave the area.

As reported, during a large-scale offensive in Aleppo province, which in recent days held by the Assad army with the support of Russian troops killed at least 500 people.

February 10, France, Britain and their allies in the UN Security Council urged Russia to stop air strikes on the Syrian province of Aleppo.

The Ukrainians refused to be evacuated from Syrian Aleppo 12.02.2016

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