The Ukrainians have won 18 awards at the world Cup in sumo

18 medals were won by representatives of Ukraine at the world Cup in sumo, which ended in Minsk. Only in the capital of Belarus, for the victory fought the representatives of the nine teams reported in the press service of Mineralogist.

The gold for the Ukrainian national team was won by Alina Boykova (weight category 65 kg), Marina Maximova (80 kg) and Maria Groban (over 80 kg). The fourth award is the highest dignity is our team is composed of the following Daiauri, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Anton Cheeva and Dmitry Chmykhova, «- said the press service.

There is the «blue-yellow» team and the women’s «silver» ( Ivanna Berezovskaya, Mary Groban, Victoria Rogov and Tatyana Skirda). Two more silver medals were won by Alexander Verasun and Mary Groban in absolute weight.

Third place at the world Cup went to Victoria Rogova (80 kg) Ivanna Berezovskaya (absolute weight and more than 80 kg), Konstantin Bulatov (85 kg), Alexander Weresuch (over 115 kg), Nikolay Casings (115 kg), Maxim Oleshko (absolute weight ), Anatoly Glustin (85 kg), Dmitry Zmijov (115 kg) and Sergei Sokolovsky (absolute weight and more than 115 kg).

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian sumo wrestlers won the championship 72 medals.

The Ukrainians have won 18 awards at the world Cup in sumo 28.11.2016

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