The Ukrainians have twice less gas Zubko

For complete home heating the Ukrainians will be enough eight billion cubic meters of gas per year. However, due to poor heating system we lost about 60% of the fuel. Such opinion on air of the program «the First about the main thing. Comments» on ZIK TV channel was expressed by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and utilities Gennady Zubko.

Of the 18.6 billion cubic meters of gas supplied for the needs of housing and communal services, 2,4 losing in the heating system and 9 — directly into homes. While the purpose of heating apartments is the only income of 7.2 billion cubic meters. that is, in the total number of the Ukrainians are losing more than 60% gas, the cost of which still pay.

«For the effective conduct heating in the residential sector and to achieve a comfortable twenty degrees in temperature, enough 8 billion cubic meters of gas. However, if you look at Poland, Austria or Germany to achieve this effect, they carried out appropriate investments for seven or even fifteen years», — said Zubko.

In particular, Germany has spent fifteen years to bring to the energy efficiency of the building, which was erected in the Eastern part. Poland has passed this way for eight years. Therefore, Ukraine also it’s time to move in a given direction.

«We already have a lot of projects all over the country, which has managed to reduce gas consumption by 75 %. It’s all due to the heating of houses,» — said the Minister.

Despite the results in those regions which have introduced energy efficiency measures in Lviv, Lutsk, Sumy, Rivne, Dnipro, Odessa — it can be concluded that all these projects will lead to reduction of gas costs.

«Today there is a compensation program on a «warm» loans in the amount of 40%. Besides state of the program co-finances and municipal. For example, lions and even offset the interest on loans», — said Zubko.

In addition, it is important that in this program there are three state Bank with enough branches throughout Ukraine. So the person who wants to insulate his apartment, replacement of radiators, Windows or doors, drawn in by these agencies, contracts, financing costs and receives compensation.

«And to all some towns completely cover the interest, or add another 20% in deductions in the amount paid for the loan», — said Zubko.

As previously reported, the debt of the enterprises-debtors before NAK «Naftogaz Ukraine» for the consumed natural gas during the week rose to 7,843 billion (31,5%) and amounted to 32.7 billion.

«As of January 17, 2017 total outstanding debt of enterprises CTV, CHP and direct industrial consumers to the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» is about 32.7 billion UAH. Compared to the previous week, the debt increased by 7 843 million (31.5 per cent)», — stated in the message.

The Ukrainians have twice less gas Zubko 20.01.2017

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