The Ukrainian giant airplane «Mriya» set a new record

Ukrainian aircraft an-225 «Mriya» set a new record in the carriage of cargo weighing 182 tons, carrying from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Santiago (Chile) electrotumbao weighing 155 tons, which was in a special 27-ton design.

This is the second record monocargo weight ever carried by a Ukrainian aircraft giant and the first record cargo for South America, reports of CTS with reference to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

It is also reported that this was the first visit of An-225 in Chile. As for the record of a cargo item for the whole world, his «dream» was delivered in 2009, Then a generator weighing 174 tons, «dressed» in a special design with a weight of 13.6 tonnes, was transferred from Frankfurt to Yerevan.

The maximum weight of cargo that Mriya transported in 2004, equal to 247 tons, but it was not a monocargo, and several pieces of construction equipment.

11 November it was reported that the An-225 «Mriya» caught fire during landing at the airport Leipzig/Halle.

The Ukrainian giant airplane «Mriya» set a new record 17.11.2016

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