The U.S. was planning a powerful cyber attack on Iran in case of failure transactions on atom, The New York Times

Reporters learned that the USA had a contingency plan for failure of deal with Iran on its nuclear program and possible military conflict. Washington was preparing a large-scale cyber attack on Tehran. About hiding previously, the U.S. plans became known in the course of the work of the famous American documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney one of his movies and interview members of the military and intelligence agencies. The plan, codenamed «Nitro Zeus» (Zeus Nitro) was developed in the early years of the presidency of Barack Obama, writes The New York Times.

The plan provided for the disabling of the air defense system of Iran and major parts of the power system States, transmits

After July 14, 2015 Iran and the «six» negotiators reached a historic agreement on the settlement of the problem of the Iranian atom, the plan was postponed. At least, its development is not planned in the foreseeable future.

Nitro Zeus had to provide Obama an alternative to full-scale war, if Iran decided to attack the U.S. or its allies in the middle East region. According to sources, in the development of the plan involved thousands of employees of U.S. military and intelligence agencies. In this case, the implementation of electronic implants in the Iranian computer network to prepare «the battlefield» spent tens of millions of dollars.

While the Pentagon has fulfilled the preparatory tasks, us intelligence has developed another plan — a more narrow focus involving the cyber attack on Iran’s plant at Fordow enrichment facility, built in the mountains near the city of Qom.

It was assumed that this operation would be classified, in this case, the President could authorize it, even in the absence of the ongoing conflict between countries.

As the newspaper notes, the U.S. Armed forces are developing contingency plans for all kinds of potential conflicts: for example, a possible attack by the DPRK on South Korea, the emergence of nuclear weapons in South Asia, coups in Africa or Latin America. Most of them are on the shelves and are updated every few years. Nitro Zeus became relevant because White house officials seriously believed that the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu decides to strike Iranian nuclear facilities, and the U.S. will be drawn into military action that will follow it.

Historical agreement to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue was signed on 14 July between Iran and the «six» international mediators (the five permanent members of the UN security Council: USA, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) in Vienna.

The agreement is intended to guarantee the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for gradual removal from Iran of all previously imposed international and unilateral sanctions.

15 January 2016 Iran poured concrete of the Central part of a nuclear reactor in Arak, thereby fulfilling one of the main conditions of the agreement with the international community on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The U.S. was planning a powerful cyber attack on Iran in case of failure transactions on atom, The New York Times 17.02.2016

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