The U.S. Treasury Department expanded sanctions «Magnitsky list»

The U.S. Treasury included in the «Magnitsky list» five more Russians. This is stated on the Agency’s website.

In particular, the list includes a former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Russia, head of the Investigative Committee at the Russian interior Ministry Aleksey Anichin, the interior Ministry investigator for the CFD (Central Federal district) Boris Kibis, a former head of the investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Pavel Lapshov, the interior Ministry investigator Oleg Urzhumtsev and Evgeny Antonov (position and place of work is not installed).

As you know, the Magnitsky act was passed in the US in 2011 and originally consisted of imposing personal sanctions against some Russian officials implicated in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Magnitsky died in a Russian prison in 2009, aged 37 years. Human rights activists claim that he was beaten, and he was denied medical assistance.

Magnitsky was arrested on tax evasion by Hermitage Capital. Before that he was trying to expose the fraudulent scheme laundering budgetary funds and the weaning of the business, which was attended by Russian security officials and the tax authorities.

The U.S. Treasury Department expanded sanctions «Magnitsky list» 02.02.2016

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