The U.S. signed the contract for the construction of ABM bases in Poland — media

The Department of defense signed a contract for the construction of a comprehensive missile defence system in the village redzikowo in Northern Poland.

About it reports «Radio Poland» with reference to newspaper Dziennik Baltycki.

The contract is valued at more than 182 million. The most important elements of the system, i.e. radar and launcher SM-3, must ensure that the company AMEC Programs, Inc., located in the state of Georgia (USA).

As the newspaper writes, the construction of a missile defence base at a former military airfield in redzikowo must be completed before 9 April 2018. In addition it is reported that in the village there were first soldiers. Are employees of the American agencies that will participate in the construction of the missile bases, that is, the Agency on missile defense, U.S. Navy, and Engineering corps of the U.S. army. Base in redzikowo will serve a maximum of 300 Marines and civilians.

Representatives of the U.S. army held a conference in the Slupsk technological incubator, which attracted about 80 interested contractors. Americans want to sign a contract with a Polish company as a subcontractor. The contract for the construction of ABM bases in redzikowo is the first step for this project. Corps of engineers U.S. is preparing a separate tender for the construction of all associated infrastructure.

We will remind, in August 2008 the US signed a Treaty with Poland and Czechia about placing objects ABOUT US. According to the official version, it was necessary to protect European allies and American forces against possible attacks from Iran and other countries.

Russia opposed the deployment of missile defenses in Europe, arguing that such objects violate the strategic balance of forces in the region and threaten its security.

U.S. President Barack Obama on 17 September 2009 announced the amendments to the plans to create a missile defence system. The U.S. has not withdrawn from the placement of ground missile defense elements in Europe, but delayed their deployment until 2015.

Later on the consent to place on the territory of Romania of the missile interceptors, the U.S. missile defense said the country’s President Traian Basescu.

In October 2015 the United States conducted the first test on the missile defence programme (NMD) in Europe, released from the island off the coast of Scotland ballistic missile was successfully shot down by a missile-interceptor SM-3.

Deputy Secretary of security Council of Russia Evgeny Lukyanovsaid that the missile defense elements that are deployed in Poland and Romania, represent a potential threat to Russia. «They’d better think of something else, the same Poland and Romania. The missile shield, launchers that really focused on our strategic nuclear forces, is a problem for them. They automatically become our goals», — said Lukyanov.

In December last year it was reported that in the South from the capital of Romania Bucharest installed anti-missile setup the US.

The U.S. signed the contract for the construction of ABM bases in Poland — media 24.02.2016

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