The U.S. offered the UN a «more powerful» package of sanctions against the DPRK — U.S. envoy

The package of sanctions, which the U.S. passed Tuesday, February 25, at the UNSC, is more powerful than previous versions of restrictive measures, said us Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power</b>.

According to Western media, she called the proposed sanctions «more powerful and complete», reports «Interfax».

«This is a significant improvement (sanctions mechanism – ed.)», she added before the UN security Council meeting, which is expected to discuss sanctions against Pyongyang.

As previously reported, permanent mission of China to the UN agreed on a draft security Council resolutions tightening sanctions against North Korea.

Media reported, citing its own sources, that in accordance with the resolution, if adopted, will expand the list of North Korean institutions, companies and individuals that will fall under the sanctions.

In particular, as reported by South Korean media, the list should include the Department of atomic energy and the National space Agency (NADA) of the DPRK.

Development project China and the United States lasted for seven weeks after Pyongyang announced in January thermonuclear tests, intensified after the start in February of ballistic rocket with a satellite.

According to sources, the Chinese and American representatives in the preparatory process there were differences of opinion. In particular, Washington insisted on the most rigid approach, proposing to impose a ban on visits by North Korean vessels in international ports, to an even greater extent to limit the access of banks to the DPRK global financial system.

The Chinese side believes that the introduction of sanctions and other actions against North Korea should not lead to escalation of tension in the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. offered the UN a «more powerful» package of sanctions against the DPRK — U.S. envoy 26.02.2016

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