The U.S. justice Department said it has no plans to meet with Onishchenko

The U.S. Department of justice reports that is not going to meet with the behind the border of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Aleksandr Onishchenko. This is stated in the Ministry of justice of the USA, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Under normal circumstances, the US justice Department and US law enforcement agencies are ready to meet with people who claim to have evidence concerning violations of laws of the United States. But the fact of such meetings is not an indication that such violations took place, or what information the person is believed to be accurate,» — said the U.S. justice Department.

«Although the justice Department typically does not comment on such meetings, in light of the decision of Onishchenko to speak publicly on this topic, we can say that the US justice Department has no plans to conduct further meetings with Mr. Onishchenko,» — said in information.

As reported, in early December announced a national search and outside of Ukraine, people’s Deputy Onishchenko accused the administration of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in «buying» votes in Parliament and through him, and several other deputies.

According to media reports, during the year, Onishchenko was recording his conversation with Poroshenko on manual watch with voice recorder. The Deputy reported that she delivered the incriminating evidence to us intelligence agencies on November 29.

The head of the main investigation Department of the security Service of Ukraine Grigory ostafiychuk announced the beginning of a pretrial investigation in respect of declared a national red alert for Deputy Onishchenko on the grounds of high treason.

December 6, the NEB stated that the checks set out in the foreign press data, people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko («the will of the people») regarding the bribery of parliamentarians, but does not make the information in ERDR.

The Internet-the edition «the Country. UA» has published the first audio recording, provided, as stated Onishchenko. The record is represented as talking of people’s deputies Onishchenko and Oles Dovgy, the leader of the faction «people’s Will». During the conversation the sides discussed some schemes that allow how to understand, solve problems in relationships Onishchenko and Ukrainian authorities.

Dovgy has confirmed the fact of meeting with Onishchenko in Genoa and in London and stated that at these meetings recommended Onishchenko and his family to cooperate with the investigation, compensating the caused budget losses.

The U.S. justice Department said it has no plans to meet with Onishchenko 17.12.2016

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