The U.S. Department of state: If Russia wants better relations, it must accept responsibility for poisoning Skripal

Russia’s recognition of responsibility for the assassination of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal will be a condition of improving relations between Moscow and Washington, said the speaker, U.S. Department of State Heather Nauert March 27. Video of the briefing posted on the Department’s website.

According to Nauert, doors to dialogue with Russia remain open, but if «Russia wants better relations, it is first necessary to accept responsibility for this attack» and stop their «reckless and aggressive actions.»

The speaker of the US state Department added that the us President Donald trump personally made the decision about the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats to show the «unbreakable solidarity with the United Kingdom».

Neuert also called for the expulsion of diplomats, «the largest one-time exclusion of Russians in U.S. history». According to her, all employees of the diplomatic missions of Russia in the United States were members of the security services, «working under diplomatic cover».

4 March 2018 66-year-old Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia was hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning in British Salisbury.

The investigation revealed that during the attack was used that was developed in Russia, a nerve agent, Novichok. Prime Minister Theresa may has demanded from the Kremlin to explain what had happened until the evening of March 13, otherwise London would take an incident of unlawful use of force by Russia against great Britain.

The UK position was supported by the government of France, USA, Germany, Australia and other countries.

Moscow has refused to answer the ultimatum of London, and demanded to give her samples of the substance that poisoned Skrobala.

March 14, the British authorities announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats 23, and the suspension of the planned bilateral contacts with Russia. March 17, Russia declared a persona non grata 23 British diplomats.

Following the UK a similar decision was taken a number of countries: USA (60 diplomats), Ukraine (13), Germany, Canada, Poland, France (four), Lithuania, Czech Republic (three), Albania, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands (two), Australia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Estonia (one).

NATO also withdraws the accreditation of seven Russian representatives to the Alliance.

The U.S. Department of state: If Russia wants better relations, it must accept responsibility for poisoning Skripal 28.03.2018

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