The U.S. Congress issued a bill on sanctions against Russia

On the website of the U.S. Congress published the text of the bill, which proposes to impose sanctions against Iran and Russia.

The document was submitted to the lower house of Congress July 12 — exactly a month after, as was proposed by the upper house. The U.S. Senate approved the text of the document on 15 June. The vote is scheduled for July 25.

Sponsors of the bill were made by the leader of the democratic minority in the lower house of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, her Deputy Steni Hoyer, and is also a senior member of the Committee on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, Congressman-Democrat Eliot Engel.

The document proposes to reduce the maximum term of market financing of Russian banks under sanctions, up to 14 days, and for the oil and gas sector — up to 30 days.

The document also suggests that the US President can impose sanctions on individuals who intend to invest in the construction of Russian export pipelines over $5 million a year or $1 million lump sum, or are going to provide Russian services or to provide information support.

The United States will continue to oppose the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream – 2» because of the «harmful impact on energy security of EU gas market development in Central and Eastern Europe and energy reform in Ukraine».

The paper also intends to oblige the US administration to prioritize the export of American energy to Europe to «protect the energy security of allies.»

However, Congress believes that the new sanctions should not be applied to the two countries ‘ cooperation on space and harming NASA.

June 26, the White house said that the Senate had violated procedure during the adoption of the bill on strengthening sanctions pressure on Iran and Russia.

July 10, Director for legislative Affairs the White house mark Short said that the administration of Donald trump supports the introduction of new economic sanctions against Russia and Iran, however, rejects the restrictions of the powers of the President provided for the project.

On 16 July representatives of the Republican party in Congress demanded to rewrite the bill. The official reason for the suspension called a «technical error» made by the authors of the document.

In response, the Democrats suggested that their opponents intentionally delaying discussion of the bill, against the assertion which has been repeatedly made in the White house.

The U.S. Congress issued a bill on sanctions against Russia 22.07.2017

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