The Times. The world turns a blind eye to Putin’s secret war

«Maybe you forgot, but in Europe war is raging, reminds in an article for The Times the commander of the Estonian defense Forces Riho Terraces. — After the signing of the Second Minsk agreement a year ago, more than 380 Ukrainian soldiers died in battle, almost 1.7 million injured. For the first three weeks of this year, 22 Ukrainian soldiers killed — an average of one per day. It’s not a ceasefire, and certainly not peace. This is a war».

Terraces calls a «signal of intent» reconstruction of Russia’s First tank army, which, according to him, is designed for offensive, not defensive operations, and recalls the placement in the Crimea and at the borders of the Baltic States the Russian missiles.

«Of course, [Putin] is not trying to achieve peace in Syria, the article says. — He wants to destroy the enemies of Bashar al-Assad and to keep this President in power». Putin’s strategy in Syria, the author compares with the strategy of the Russian Federation in Chechnya.

«As a NATO soldier I was always taught that our Alliance is based on values: is respect for life and human rights, the rule of law, free and fair choosing of the government. I am sure that all members of NATO are divided. But if so, how can we tolerate that some mode splits the country into pieces, picks them up and in the process kills thousands of civilians?» — sums up the Terraces.

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The Times. The world turns a blind eye to Putin’s secret war 11.02.2016

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