The Times. Putin is sending reinforcements to the rebels, says Kiev

According to the Kiev government in Eastern Ukraine and nearby regions arrived 20 thousand Russian soldiers. Now them 70 thousand «In the center of the resumption of hostilities — the town Marinka on the outskirts of Donetsk. It dug in both sides, and the situation is heating up,» reports from the city of Marinka of Donetsk region, the correspondent of The Times Jack Loches.

«A handful of abandoned houses and the muddy trenches along the edge of the neutral zone sheltered people from the 14th brigade of the Ukrainian army. She was part of the red army and became famous for participation in the expulsion of the German tanks out of Stalingrad in 1942, however, now holds the Fort against the Pro-Russian rebels», — said in the article.

«Russia’s participation in the Syrian campaign, these people appreciate the skeptical,» says the journalist. «Maybe, Hollande wants to cut a deal with Putin, but he should pay attention to the Russian aggression on Europe’s doorstep,» said 35-year-old Volodymyr.

«His unit took possession of an unoccupied house «Shaheed» («suicide bomber» in Arabic) just 200 m from the positions of rebels,» reports Loches. «Europe forgets everything that Putin has done here. Russia is always the aggressor», — stressed Volodymyr.

The author recalls that Obama recently approved the allocation of Ukraine $ 50 million in lethal weapons such as anti-armor weapons systems, mortars, grenade launchers, small arms and ammunition.

«The war isn’t over yet, it’s only the beginning. I don’t expect Europe will help us,» said 36-year-old Oleg, sitting «in proceeding of the trench, which is called «Psycho» for the hazardous location in sight of the rebels».

The author notes that the OSCE has reported a sharp increase of ceasefire violations.

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The Times. Putin is sending reinforcements to the rebels, says Kiev 11.12.2015

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