The Times. NATO helps Ukraine prepare for a «dirty bomb»

«NATO sent to Ukraine group of experts on detection of nuclear and chemical weapons and decontamination», — reports The Times. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the reaction of Ukrainian authorities to the attack involving radioactive materials, explains journalist Maxim Tucker.

«This week, Ukrainian riot police and hundreds of civilian specialists, including British experts, will take part in doctrines for working off of actions in case of contamination of a wide area of a certain radioactive materials», — the newspaper writes.

According to the official version, the areas of action in the event of a major explosion at the mine.

«However, the group of experts on NATO chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons were involved after in July, The Times made public the dossier of the Ukrainian intelligence, which indicated that the Pro-Russian rebels had removed from the burial ground in Donetsk radioactive waste to create «dirty bomb,» reads the article.

Exercises are held on a military base in Western Ukraine.

«When exercise participants will measure radiation levels, they will find the source of the radiation, says günther Bretschneider, Director of NATO exercises. — They should create a «hot zone», to rescue stuck vehicles, to cordon off the radiation source, and to organise decontamination and treatment of victims».

Earlier actions in case of a «dirty bomb» were worked out in Italy and Romania. «Now, these annual exercises are being held in a country where there is armed conflict,» the newspaper said.

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The Times. NATO helps Ukraine prepare for a «dirty bomb» 24.09.2015

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