The Times. Moscow furious song about «the genocide» nominated for the «Eurovision»

«Ukraine still remembers how Stalin deported the Crimean Tatars from their homeland in Central Asia,» writes The Times correspondent Tom Parfitt. «For weeks they were crammed into freight cars, about 8 thousand people died from thirst, hunger and diseases,» the article says.

«Now this plague attracted the attention of the whole world after Ukraine decided that this year on «the Eurovision» it will represent Crimean Tatar Jamala. Her song «1944», written about the deportation and evokes strong feelings in light of the fact that Russia two years ago seized Crimea and resumed persecution of Tatars», — said in the article.

In Moscow politicians complained that Jamal, he says, «was chosen specifically in order to discredit the Kremlin», in violation of the prohibition on political statements, which acts at Eurovision. «Jamal denies political motives», — said in the article.

«I sing in memory of my great-grandmother , Nazlan, «said Jamal in an interview with the newspaper.

Breast Nazlan daughter died in her arms. «The guards just threw her body out of doors, says Jamal. — Other people have tried to prop up the corpses of their bodies, to later bury.»

«In our history there is something that always keeps in mind every Tatar, says Jamal, who lives in Kiev. — I came across this thread suddenly».

For its part, «Vice Prime Minister» of Crimea Ruslan Balbec said that «Ukraine is exploiting the tragedy of the Crimean Tatars to give the European audience a false, far-fetched idea on alleged repression in the Russian Crimea».


The Times. Moscow furious song about «the genocide» nominated for the «Eurovision» 26.02.2016

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