The Times. In connection with the «Board MH17» is named after a Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade

The Times devotes two articles to the report, which on Tuesday unveiled a group of independent analysts Bellingcat. The report relates to the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine on 17 July 2014.

«In connection with «Board MH17″ is named after a Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade» is the title of the first article The Times. Correspondent Maxim Tucker writes that, according to the report, «Russian air defense brigade put the missile launcher used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines airliner over Ukraine.» «The report also identified the commanders who supposedly sent this,» reads the article.

In the Bellingcat report «MH17 — potential suspects and witnesses from the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade» «they say that it was involved Colonel Sergey Muchkaev, commander of the 53rd brigade of the Russian», — the newspaper writes.

Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins said in an interview that he was «absolutely convinced» that the Buk that shot down the airliner, owned by the Russian 53rd brigade. «He added that «high probability» that the trigger was powered by Russian soldiers», — the newspaper writes.

«The new report demonstrates that it is possible to find the details about those officers and commanders who gave the chain the order to send the rocket installation «Beech» in Ukraine,» said Higgins.

«We hope that relatives of the victims will see that we can inform much more specific data on responsible persons instead of vague mention of the Russian army», — he added.

Public version remains with the redacted names of Junior officers and the enlisted, suspected of involvement in the attack, but notanswering the official version sent to the joint unit, which is investigating the deaths of MH17.

Russia denies any involvement in the incident, the newspaper reminds.

The second article, the editorial, entitled «the Rocketeer». «When the Russian forces for the first time cold-bloodedly killed a civilian airliner, social media and geotagging were only vague aspirations», — the newspaper writes, referring to the Korean Airlines airliner shot down in 1983 over Sakhalin.

«Over the past period has become difficult to hide information. By the time two years ago, anti-aircraft missile of Russian manufacture knocked overboard MH17 Malaysia Airlines, the people who likely made a start, have left an indelible mark. Now this managed to reach a handful of officers and soldiers, and from them the hierarchy of command leads to the Kremlin», — the newspaper writes, referring to the Bellingcat report.

«While President Putin remains in power, hopes for justice in the case of MH17 victims with little, but the murder does not have Statute of limitations. This new report is a storehouse of detailed forensic information, and it needs to hang over the perpetrators of the MH17 tragedy, while in Russia will not return the rule of law. Then it can be used against them. Meanwhile, the Western governments should not waver to impose on Russia sanctions — is the best available to us from CT for that worst of crimes,» the newspaper concludes.

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The Times. In connection with the «Board MH17» is named after a Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade 25.02.2016

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