The Times. Advocates open a new front in the war of Putin with Ukraine

«The conflict between Russia and Ukraine that cost nearly 10 thousand lives in 2014 resumed this week away from the Crimean battlefields, reports Sean O’neill in The Times. The two countries appeared in [London’s High court] in which, instead of soldiers and militants, opened a new front of the city attorneys, armed with laptops and thick folders with documents».

Warring division, headed by leading commercial lawyers London Marc Howard and Bankirom Tanks, will meet in the first fight about the loan in the amount of 3 billion dollars given to Ukraine by the regime of Putin. The decision as to who will win the legal battle, will the elder brother of former Prime Minister Tony Blair — judge [William] Blair.

«In recent years Russia loved to Express contempt for the UK via Twitter its London Embassy, but when it comes to solving complex financial problems, she turns to the English courts, — the author notes. — London — international centre for the legal settlement of complicated financial disputes like the dispute between Kiev and Moscow, and the flow of such cases enriches law firm city».

The Trustee of Russia as a holder of the bonds granted to Ukraine a loan — Debenture Trust Corporation is represented by counsel Howard with support from the firm Norton Rose Fulbright. The Ukrainian government is represented by counsel Tanks with support from the firm Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan. He insists that his real opponent — the Russian Federation.

According to Tanks, Debenture Trust Corporation «acted under orders, on behalf of and solely in the interests» of Russia, which «has forced Ukraine to take a loan, forcing it to abandon the Association agreement with the European Union and plunging the country into financial crisis.»

Tanks argues that the claims of Moscow «stem from and are themselves part of a wider strategy illegal and illegitimate economic, political and military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, which led and lead to devastating consequences for the country, its people and economy» and Russia is «hiding behind a proxy'». According to the lawyer of the Ukrainian side presented the demand for payment of the loan «not only outrageous from the point of view of morality, but also based on faulty analysis of the facts and legal aspects,» the article says. Ukraine has declared that the right to refuse payment of the loan as a countermeasure against the annexation of Crimea.

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The Times. Advocates open a new front in the war of Putin with Ukraine 23.01.2017

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