The terrorist from San Bernardino and the buyer of the weapons were relatives through marriages with Russians

The terrorist who slaughter in the medical center San Bernardino, had a relative of the person who bought the weapons used in the attack. Men have become related through marriage alliances with Russians, according to with reference to AP.

From official sources it became known that Saeed Farooq, killing of their colleagues, and 24-year-old Enrique Marquez, who bought the gun, tie a closer relationship than previously thought.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Marquez had acquired assault rifles, of which Saeed Farooq and his wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and wounded 21. This weapon was purchased, not later than three years before the attack on 2 December.

FBI Director James Komi, addressing the Legal Committee of the Senate on Wednesday, 9 December, said that the terrorists had radiculitis before moving Malik in USA with a fiance visa. The couple were discussing Jihad and martyrdom in 2013. Now the consequence tries to establish, when Farouk began to lean towards extremism. Yesterday it was reported that he and an accomplice were going to commit a terrorist attack in 2012.

The Republican Senator from Idaho Jim Risch, a member of the special Commission of the Senate on intelligence, said that Marquez and Faruk then planned the attack, but were forced to postpone it in connection with the activity of law enforcement bodies and a number of arrests in the County.

Representatives of the Federal authorities interviewed Marquez last weekend after a search at his mother’s house in riverside. At the moment he is not charged with any crime.

According to the AP, for many years, Marquez and Farouk tied a friendship, but last year they married. In 2011 brother Farouk Rachel married a Russian woman. They both are witnesses to the couples marriage certificate.

Three years later Rachel Farouk and his wife Tatiana have witnessed the marriage of Marquesa with her sister Tatiana — Maria Black. A corresponding entry available in the archive for the County of riverside. According to the marriage certificate, the marriage ceremony took place in the Islamic community of the cities of Corona and norco. The caretaker of the local mosque denies this.

Azmi Hassan said that, presumably, Marquez accepted Islam, however, was not a parishioner of the mosque. According to him, Marquez appeared in her only three-four times in seven years. Hasan himself never saw him for the last four years.

About Marquez known that for several years he was a guard, but last year its term has expired. In may, he worked at Wal-Mart, but, according to spokesperson Brian nick, by now, he dismissed from.

Viviana Ramirez, classmate Marquez of the municipal College, said that he was thinking about an army career. His brother-in-law, Rachel Farooq, from 2003 to 2007 he served in the Navy and even received (among other awards) two medals for his merits in the fight against terrorism.

Tommy Lopez, who met with Marquez seven months ago at the festival of punk rock, told that his friend never talked about his wife and wasn’t religious.

Immediately after the attack, Marquez called his mother, saying that he was okay, but warned that not coming home. This was stated by the neighbor, Lorena Aguirre. He later checked into a psychiatric hospital, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

In the certificate of marriage between Marquez and Black as the place of residence of the spouses is the same address where Rachel Faruk lived with his wife Tatiana. According to the representative of the Federal authorities, the sisters-the Russians arrived in the U.S. on exchange programs for school or work.

We will remind, last week the wife of Saeed Farooq and Malik Tashfeen opened fire at the medical centre of the Californian city of San Bernardino during the Christmas party. The victims were 14 people, another 21 were injured. Later, police shot and killed the attackers.

The terrorist from San Bernardino and the buyer of the weapons were relatives through marriages with Russians 10.12.2015

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