The terrorist attack in Sinai, killing 8 policemen

In an attack on a checkpoint in El-Arish in North Sinai, which occurred on 9 January, killing 8 police, 13 people were wounded, including three civilians.

On this day, 9 January, Reuters reports.

«At least eight policemen were killed in an attack by a suicide bomber that the car drove into the checkpoint in the North Sinai in Egypt», — stated in the message.

First mentioned five dead and 10 wounded.

«According to reports, the striker on a garbage truck filled with explosives drove into a police checkpoint in El-Arish. A powerful explosion destroyed three floors of the building», — informs the edition.

It is also reported that after the explosion, gunmen attacked a checkpoint, including grenade launchers.

Responsibility for the attack while anybody on itself did not take, the local branch of the extremist group «Islamic state» carried out similar attacks against security forces in the Sinai and in other parts of Egypt.

In December 2016, 6 police officers were killed and three guards injured in a bomb explosion at a checkpoint in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

The terrorist attack in Sinai, killing 8 policemen 09.01.2017

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