The team, the suspect Yezhov recommended that the Ministry of foreign Affairs — media

The personnel of the Ukrainian diplomat Stanislav Yezhov, who was detained SBU, Russian special services recruited during his work at the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States. Writes about it «Gromadske» with reference to informal communication of employees of special services.

Yezhov worked in the embassies of Ukraine in Slovenia and the United States. In 2015 he moved to the office of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, which at that time was headed by Vladimir Groisman. After with its Help, Yezhov went to work in the office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The source channel in the government said that the team Groisman Yezhov recommended that the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

«After the appointment of the speaker Groisman needed a translator. He appealed to the foreign Ministry – and he was advised by Yezhov. By the time he had the reputation of being one of the best interpreters», – said the interlocutor of «Gromadska». He added that prior to the appointment to positions in the government and Parliament Yezhov twice successfully tested in the management of counterintelligence.

SBU TV channel privately said Yezhov came in sight of the Ukrainian security services in the spring of this year, and since it is «led.»

In the position of Deputy chief of staff Yezhov had access to classified information. He could provide the Russian intelligence services directives, plans and instructions of officials involved in foreign policy and foreign economic activities, and other data that could harm national security if they leak.

SBU detained Yezhov 20 Dec. It was noted that Russian special services recruited officials during trips abroad. «Ukrainian Pravda» reported that Groysman know about the operation of the security service and the secret service followed Yezhov a few months. In the SBU said that the translator, I suspect in the Main intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Informed Ezhov worked in the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA, and also in the Administration of the President of Ukraine. In the Protocol of the Cabinet, he was responsible in particular for the translation of meetings with foreign delegations. The official was accompanied by Groisman in all international negotiations.

The team, the suspect Yezhov recommended that the Ministry of foreign Affairs — media 22.12.2017

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