The Taliban has urged trump to withdraw allied troops from Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban urged the new US President Donald trump to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, reports «Radio Freedom».

In a statement the site of the Taliban’s open letter, the authenticity of which was confirmed on January 23 the intelligence community SITE, the militants say Trump, though the United States lost credibility after he spent billions of dollars on a 15-year-old conflict that has no end in the foreseeable future. «The responsibility to finish this war rests on your shoulders,» — said in a statement.

The Taliban have repeatedly urged the United States and its allies to leave Afghanistan, excluding peaceful negotiations with the government in Kabul, while foreign troops remain on Afghan soil.

Trump still has not stated his position on Afghanistan, although he said that he supports placed there by US troops, and appointed to the main positions of the two former generals with extensive Afghan experience.


In 2015, the United States has suspended a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and decided to leave its military after 2016. Under the revised plan, the administration of Barack Obama, us forces — 9800 the military — was to remain there for much of 2016, after that, in late 2016 or early 2017 their number is expected to decrease to 5,500.

Your major achievements since the start of the peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan in 2001, the allies believe the destruction of the Sharia state partially recognized Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (1996-2001) and the bleeding base of the international terrorist organization «al-Qaeda».

The gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops and NATO from Afghanistan started in 2011. Three years later, Washington announced the end of military operations. The new mission of US and NATO in Afghanistan aimed at training, advice and assistance to the security forces and the army of the country.

The Taliban has urged trump to withdraw allied troops from Afghanistan 24.01.2017

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