The Syrian army has pioneered the Russian drones

The Syrian army today, September 23, the first to use drones, which Russia supplies Damascus.

About it the newspaper Le Figaro has informed a source close to the security service in Damascus.

«For the first time today the army uses received from Moscow the drones in operations against extremists in the North and East of the country,» the source said, without specifying the type of UAV that is used and regions where operations took place.

Recall that in the Western media have repeatedly appeared information that Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria. Russia officially recognizes the presence in Syria of a logistics port in Tartus and says that Syria is providing assistance in the framework of previous agreements. As stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow has never concealed, «that is supplying military equipment to the Syrian official authorities with the aim of dealing with terrorists». Information about the buildup of arms in Syria, Russia deny.

U.S. seeks resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and therefore oppose providing any help. For its part, Russia has repeatedly called on the international coalition to cooperate with the Syrian authorities under the auspices of the UN Cabeza to combat grouping «Islamic state».

In Syria since March 2011 year armed conflict continues, which, according to the UN, killed more than 220 thousand people. Government troops to confront militias belonging to different armed groups. The most active are the militants extremist groups «Islamic state» and «dzhebhat EN-Nusra».

The Syrian army has pioneered the Russian drones 24.09.2015

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