The Swiss referendum voted against the deportation of «disobedient» workers

The Swiss voted against the deportation of aliens from the country who was arguing with the police or was over the limit. In a referendum held in the country today, 59% of participants voted against the initiative, according to BBC-Ukraine.

A proposal to adopt a law that would allow deportation, pushed right Swiss people’s party.

The initiative arose because of increased migration and social problems, which, according to Swiss people’s party that it generates.

The party demands the automatic deportation of foreigners without the right of appeal if they have committed two minor offences within 10 years, in particular speeding while driving or dispute with the police.

Opponents of the initiators of the referendum say the law will lead to a two-tier system of justice, unfair to foreigners, who make up about 25% of the Swiss population.

At the same time, according to the authorities, only two out of 100 foreigners living in Switzerland and obtain citizenship.

Earlier the Swiss authorities obliged the migrants waiting to obtain refugee status, to pay for their stay in the country.

And parlamentskikh elections were won by the party that is opposed to the admission of migrants.

The Swiss referendum voted against the deportation of «disobedient» workers 29.02.2016

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