The Swedes made a lightbox, which coughs on smokers

Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjartat created a Billboard that starts a desperate cough, and when people pass by with a cigarette.

This was reported by «Popular mechanics».

«Cough, of course, not the shield itself, and the picture on it. No magic there: the unit is fitted with a conventional smoke detector. So far, however, it is unclear whether it responds to the exhaust of cars», — stated in the publication.

The idea was that in the new year more the Swedes passing by advertising, remind yourself about the dangers of Smoking.

«You can never have too many reminders about the dangers of Smoking. While in Sweden there is at least one person Smoking, we will remind the public about the problem», — said the press Secretary of the company Akestam Canvas, adding that the Billboard was perceived ambiguously, but for the most part positive.

Sweden is a country with a record low number of smokers, and last but not least is the merit of the organizations, constantly reminding people about the dangers of Smoking.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, tentatively in March 2017 must earn the national service to provide professional assistance in Smoking cessation.

The Swedes made a lightbox, which coughs on smokers 17.01.2017

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