The Süddeutsche Zeitung. The oligarchs and the poison of war

After two and a half years after the events on Maidan, Ukraine was seized by a feeling of deep disappointment. The agenda in the country affect mainly the greedy oligarchs and corrupt politicians. The return to normal life is hampered and the war, fueled by Russia, says columnist of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
Catherine Kalweit.

The results of the surveys in Ukraine generally not worth the paper they’re printed on. «The figures are too unreliable, too volatile political forces — to such an extent that it is not always clear which camp to include those or other eminent politicians,» the author continues.

In domestic politics clearly reveal two trends. First, Petro Poroshenko is losing the support of Ukrainians. And, secondly, the growing popularity of «icons» of the Orange revolution Yulia Tymoshenko, as always, prone to populism. «If elections in Ukraine were held tomorrow, the supporters of reforms and right-wing radicals would show the same low results. But the corrupt oligarchs and politicians like Tymoshenko, successfully manipulated public opinion and the machinery of government», — stated in the article.

But this is only one bad news, writes Kalweit even nationalists, together with those who participated in military actions in the East part of the volunteer teams, increase the pressure, away from the streets. One of the leaders of the paramilitary formation, who was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, was released after his enraged supporters took to protest in front of Parliament.

The political crisis in which the country was plunged after the events on the Maidan, led to the formation of the three camps, writes Calvit. «On the one hand, those who are deeply disappointed in what is happening in the country. They do not believe that it is possible to change anything «another Maidan.» On the other oligarchs, like the old, has not lost power and influence, and added new ones. They define the political agenda in Ukraine, and anyone who wants to have access to the feeder, is listed in their payroll. The third camp is formed such tireless activists, as it is not part of any one faction, a group of reform advocates, lawyers and civil society representatives. Serhiy Leshchenko, one of its leaders, regrets that today the distribution of wealth inside the circle of approximate functions in the same way as under President Yanukovych. But these people are not going to give up and bet on the future, the next generation,» the article says.

The scourge of Ukraine there is war. While in the East people are dead, Ukraine can not return to a normal life. War poisons the whole debate, because in this way Moscow intrudes in the internal politics of the country. «Today Ukraine is the victim of a «hybrid war» waged by Russia, and the victim of greedy oligarchs. And split it stronger today than at the beginning of the conflict,» comes to a disappointing conclusion the journalist.

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The Süddeutsche Zeitung. The oligarchs and the poison of war 27.07.2016

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