The Süddeutsche Zeitung. Putin is a cook, regulating the heat of the global plate

To regain the status of a world power, chief of the Kremlin, at its discretion, then heats, then cools the global crisis. Without it, now nothing happens, however in the long term it strategy will not be successful, says columnist Sueddeutsche Zeitung Frank Nienhuysen.

Now the middle East will be thrown Russian anti-missile system. «On top of the bomb from the bottom of the rocket — Russia thoroughly suited to the war in Syria. Catastrophe in Aleppo is becoming unbearable, however in the cease-fire a couple , Assad-Putin, it seems, not currently interested. Against this background comes into play a new scenario: at the time, as Moscow struggles supports the Syrian dictator, Washington flirts with the idea of a private military operation, which would put an end to the excesses. It turns out, the rights of one Russian military expert, who spoke about the likely implementation of the most gloomy scenario — a direct duel between Russia and the United States.»

However, not in favor of such a scenario is the fact that Russia is guided primarily by cynical calculation. Still not finalised the Afghan trauma, writes Linguist. Foreign policy of Moscow is almost unpredictable, however, the Russian government continues to soberly evaluate the risks: «Vladimir Putin understands that in order to regain the status of a global power, the country does not need to win the war — enough to increase its influence in the hot spots, and to participate in defining the rules of the game» — says the publication.

«Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Putin has not forgotten the time when the veto power possessed by Russia and its nuclear potential was a useless weapon. He made the appropriate conclusions. And, like the cook at a global plate, twirls it on your own arm: exposing the thermostat to a minimum, and when the crisis cools down, then twisting the handle in the opposite direction, causing the conflict to boil stronger,» tells the reporter.

As in Syria, Ukraine too much in the hands of Russia: the situation is heating up, then discharged. «Not surrendering its positions in the Ukrainian conflict, Moscow will be able to prevent the entry of Ukraine into NATO. The same applies to Moldova, where Transnistria breakaway still feels serious Russian influence», — the author notes.

The dilemma of the West the author believes that Putin can afford to take such a tough course. Domestically, it relies on mass support: a significant portion of the population rejoices great-Renaissance, offsetting the effects of the prolonged economic crisis and declining living standards.

«In the future, Putin will likely be difficult to demonstrate the presence in the international arena and their power, if Russia is to hobble the industry. Moscow understands this and that for economic recovery it needs Europe. One day East and West will again go to a rapprochement. But so long in the foci of conflict to wait for nobody» — sums up Linguist.

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The Süddeutsche Zeitung. Putin is a cook, regulating the heat of the global plate 06.10.2016

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