The students killed the puppy experiment. Video posted

Animal advocates 28 Nov protested under the Ministry of education. Required to prohibit the use in educational process of vertebrates, described in the plot of the TV channel «24».

To protest animal advocates came with their favorite Pets. Require you to ratify the European Convention for the protection of vertebrate animals 1986.

And to bring to justice the graduate of the Institute of economic-legal relations of the NAS of Ukraine and 3 students Alexandria agricultural College. Future veterinarians took the puppy to the animal shelter, killed him and dissected. Video posted in social networks.

Vs of students initiated. But, the volunteer shelter where they took the puppy, said that the investigation is delayed, and the criminals are still in College and going to become veterinarians.

Activists demand immediate expulsion of students from College. However, the Ministry representatives noted that without evidence of guilt one can not expel.

To such cases do not recur, it is necessary to prohibit the use in educational process of vertebrates. And it needs to ratify the Convention to protect them.

«This Convention needs to restructure educational institutions, they will no longer learn from animals. They will need to buy the appropriate models on which to train students. It’ll be humane and as in Europe,» – said the head of the Ukrainian Fund for animal welfare Maria Nikitochkina.

Deputy Minister of education agrees with it and was told that it was now preparing the necessary bills. Appropriate changes promise to make before the end of the year. Then Ukraine will be able to ratify the Convention.

Earlier social networks blew up a creepy video in which the College students of Volyn National University of food technologies mock kittens – stuff in the freezer, then the oven, then the function of «spin» in the washing machine, and then generally discarded animals from the balcony.

The students killed the puppy experiment. Video posted 29.11.2016

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