The student figured out the phone number of the Pentagon and got an interview

American student Teddy Fisher thanks to the attention to detail learned the business phone number of Secretary of defense James Mattis, and I got an interview lasting 45 minutes, the newspaper reported high school Mercer island (Washington) The Islander.

Fisher in the publication of the newspaper The Washington Post of may 11, he drew attention to a photo of Mattis and his bodyguard with a folder of papers. On one of the papers was attached a sticker which when you enlarge the photograph you can read the name of the Minister of defense and see the phone number.

The student initially called the newspaper, which later withdrew the photo from its website. Then Fisher decided to try to interview and this used seen on the picture phone number by sending SMS message with content: «would you give an interview? By the way, your personal phone number leaked and became available to the American public, have a nice day!»

Mattis, who was born in Washington state, agreed to give an interview to the surprise of the young American.

«I’ve always tried to help students as I feel I must share with the guys what we had to face in life. This will allow them to continue to make their mistakes but not the mistakes that we made,» – said the Minister of defence.

The Pentagon chief has answered a lot of questions of the student. In particular, he expressed the opinion that the 44th US President Barack Obama would do a better job with their responsibilities, if often listened to the views of his Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Mattis also convinced that with the influence of extremism in the world will be easier to handle, if the US decides to pay the tuition of each student in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other countries.

The student figured out the phone number of the Pentagon and got an interview 11.07.2017

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